Forest Bathing: Nature Connection For Wellbeing (Remotely Guided)

Join me for a virtual forest bathing session

Enjoy simple sensory techniques to de-stress and reconnect from a place of your choosing.

Are you feeling stressed, worn out or starved of joy?

What if you could…

  • slow down enough to really notice the wonders of nature?
  • reconnect with what makes you feel alive?
  • soothe your nervous system and do your body some solid favours?
  • leave your cares and worries behind for a while and simply ‘be’?
  • share insights in a safe space (if you feel inclined)?
Julie Feel More Connected headshot

Meet your forest bathing guide

I’m Julie Fox and I help stressed-out, unfulfilled women in midlife to rediscover their zest for life and flourish. 

As a certified Forest Bathing guide I will gently guide you through a sequence of sensory activities that are scientifically-proven to help you feel better.

I absolutely love helping people to deepen their connection with nature in safe, easy ways. The art of forest bathing, also known as Shinrin-yoku, is simply joyful.

Try it and find out for yourself!

What you’ll get from online forest bathing

Renewed calm

Connecting with nature helps both your mind and body to relax, reducing your stress hormones and anxiety levels.

Lasting health benefits

Spending time in nature offers health benefits that go beyond the moment. Some last hours, weeks or even months!

Techniques you can reuse

You’ll come away with a fresh perspective and ways of interacting with nature that can carry through to everyday life.

Reconnect with your inner child

Recall and relive your childlike wonder at the world.

Julie introduces her virtual forest bathing sessions and explains how you can enjoy simple sensory techniques to de-stress and reconnect wherever you are.


What a wonderful way to spend the morning…

“I wasn’t quite sure what to expect and purposely didn’t research before coming on the experience. What a wonderful way to spend the morning. Very relaxing and thought provoking. Would definitely be interested in any future forest bathing events. Thank you Julie!”
Heather Travis

A peaceful, restoring, and balancing moment…

I’m an Engineer (nobody’s perfect, actually!!). My academic background is therefore focused upon concepts like efficacy, efficiency, return on investment, social responsibility…
Personal feelings are not welcome in my daily professional life!
Julie Fox conceived, organized, and conducted a two-hour Forest Bathing that I was lucky enough to share with four other lovely participants. Nature was at the center of those two hours, where personal feelings were deeply lived, and then verbalized without restrictions. All the opposite of my daily professional life! A peaceful, restoring, and balancing moment, full of flavors, odors, sounds, lights, shades, colors, textures, motion, and emotion!
Thank you, Julie, thank you, all the other participants, for this rewarding moment!” 
Luís Adriano Oliveira

Thank you so much… again and again!

Thank you sooooo much, Julie, for having me in this experience. This is not something I usually do, but the connection with nature was really a pleasure for me. As you could see, I also got emotional! And I even had the chance to share this beautiful moment with some lovely people… lucky me.” 
Ana Cordeiro Oliveira 

Frequently Asked Questions

No. You can connect with nature from any place where you can be safe, comfortable and undisturbed during the session. By a window, in your garden, a local park… or any natural space will be fine.

No. As long as you have reliable internet access, you can participate using your mobile phone or tablet using the Zoom app. You can take that with you to your chosen space and you won’t need to actively use it during the individual nature connection activities.

I will open the session with everyone together on Zoom and lead us through the introductory activities. Then I will invite you to spend 10-15 minutes connecting with nature in different ways, on your own.

Forest Bathing (aka nature connection for wellbeing) as a wellness practice originated in Japan in the 1980s and is known there as Shinrin-yoku. Since then, countless scientific studies have shown that connecting with nature helps us restore our minds and bodies in surprising ways. Read more in this blog post.

Largely, yes. Depending on where you choose to be for the session, you may or may not have exposure to all of the beneficial properties of trees, plants and fresh air. However, even doing these activites sitting by a window with a houseplant can have similar restorative effects as being in an ancient forest.

Apart from a fully charged device and access to the internet, not really. You do need to dress appropriately for the weather and add extra layers if it’s cold as you won’t be moving around much. You may want a cushion, blanket or yoga mat to sit or lie on the ground.

Due to the slow pace of these activities, the online group sessions not suitable for under 16s.